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What's On This Week...

Here's a calendar of what's going on this week, what's been uploaded to the blog and the rest of the website, and a movie quiz to keep you entertained every day of the week. We will be adding to the calendar throughout the week as and when we've added to our blog or hear of events going on in the week.

The emoticons (small pictures) posted each day are all film titles that you need to guess based on the pictures. Please note that we don't actually know all of the answers, so we will try and post the previous week's answers each week (at the bottom of each box and on our Games and Quizzes Page), but I can't guarantee it! If you think you know any of the answers please send them to!


Maybe watch another show this weekend - Go to our Theatre page to find links to live screenings of all sorts of productions and genres.

A: 17 Again


Community Singing

A: Catch Me if You Can


A new post was uploaded to our blog - "Trip Round Europe - On the High Seas".

A new post was uploaded to our blog - "O to be Solva now that Spring is here...".

A: You've Got Mail


A new post was uploaded to our blog - "Time for us girls... A poem by Pam Ayres".

More advice from Long John Solva!

A: Les Miserables


A new post was uploaded to our blog -

"Roots and Branches".

A new post was uploaded to our blog - "Advice from Long John Solva Vol. 7".

A: Mr and Mrs Smith


Virtual Pub Quiz! Live stream on Facebook and Youtube every Thursday at 20:15.

A new post -

"Spring Gardens".

A new Page - "Kids Corner"

A new post was uploaded to our blog - "Green Thumbs".

A: Ted


Watch Live Screenings of Andrew Lloyd Webber Productions. Live screening starts at 7pm.

A: Psycho

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